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[VID] 120809 Niel Rapping on Shim Shim Tapa



[NEWS] 2012.02.01 T-ara Hyomin, shows her great affection for TEEN TOP Niel “You’re quite cute?”

T-ara member Hyomin sent TEEN TOP Niel her unlimited affection.
On the MBC every1 ‘Weekly Idols’ episode to be broadcasted on 4th February, T-ara which has been actively promoting ‘Lovey Dovey’ shared their questionnaires during the idol corner.
On the day of recording MC Jung Hyungdon asked “Is there a male idol which has been attracting your attention and you want to treat him to a meal, as of late?” and Hyomin chose TEEN TOP, which attracted the attention of many.
In particular, Hyomin sent a video message to Niel “I’m watching you well on stage. Your hairstyle’s a little like Eunjung’s so it is even more endearing”; it seemed like she was going to end the message normally but she added “You’re quite cute?” which caught everyone by surprised.

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Translations by: oursupaluv
Source: nate

[PIC/TRANS] 111204 L.Joe Twitter Update

짜잔~ 누구일까요!? 알아맞춰보세요ㅎㅎ
 Tadaa~ Guess who!? Try to guess itㅎㅎ

친구가 없어서 우리끼리 논거 아니에요~우리들의 행복한 시간ㅋㅋ_엘조
TRANS: It’s not that because we dont have friend so we play just among us~This is our happy timeㅋ_L.Joe

Source: Teen Top’s Twitter
Translation by: 6TOT_tweet2day