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[NEWS] 2012.02.01 T-ara Hyomin, shows her great affection for TEEN TOP Niel “You’re quite cute?”

T-ara member Hyomin sent TEEN TOP Niel her unlimited affection.
On the MBC every1 ‘Weekly Idols’ episode to be broadcasted on 4th February, T-ara which has been actively promoting ‘Lovey Dovey’ shared their questionnaires during the idol corner.
On the day of recording MC Jung Hyungdon asked “Is there a male idol which has been attracting your attention and you want to treat him to a meal, as of late?” and Hyomin chose TEEN TOP, which attracted the attention of many.
In particular, Hyomin sent a video message to Niel “I’m watching you well on stage. Your hairstyle’s a little like Eunjung’s so it is even more endearing”; it seemed like she was going to end the message normally but she added “You’re quite cute?” which caught everyone by surprised.

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Translations by: oursupaluv
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[NEWS] 120129 Fat Cat, performs together with T-ara’s Jiyeon & TEEN TOP’s Chunji on Inkigayo today (29th)

Fat Cat has received the support of popular idol groups T-ara Jiyeon and TEEN TOP Chunji.

The agency says that T-ara Jiyeon and TEEN TOP Chunji will be on stage for Fat Cat’s ‘Is pretty everything’ on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ that will be broadcasted on the 29th. For this performance Fat Cat will be in a love tug of war with T-ara’s Jiyeon for TEEN TOP Chunji , expressing a love triangle.

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Translations by: oursupaluv

Source: Naver