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[PIC/TRANS] 111204 Changjo’s ME2DAY Update

화보 같이 나온 셀카!!! 혼자보기 아까워 공개합니다^^ 역시 내가 누규!?!?!?!?ㅋㅋ
TRANS: selca that come out just like a photoshoot picture!! It’s a pity if i looking at it just by myself so i revealed this photo^^ Indeed, who am I?!?!

Source: Teen Top’s ME2DAY
Translation by: 6tot_tweet2day


[PIC/TRANS] 111204 L.Joe Twitter Update

짜잔~ 누구일까요!? 알아맞춰보세요ㅎㅎ
 Tadaa~ Guess who!? Try to guess itㅎㅎ

친구가 없어서 우리끼리 논거 아니에요~우리들의 행복한 시간ㅋㅋ_엘조
TRANS: It’s not that because we dont have friend so we play just among us~This is our happy timeㅋ_L.Joe

Source: Teen Top’s Twitter
Translation by: 6TOT_tweet2day

[PIC/TRANS] 111203 Changjo ME2DAY Update

오늘은 뭐하시나요!! 엔젤분들!! 저는 엔젤을 생각하면 웃음이 저절로 나와서 셀카 하나 찍었어요!! 오늘 하루도 Good day!!! ♥
[TRANS] What’s everyone going to do today!! Angels!! If i think about Angels, the smile is just naturally come out so i took a Selca!! Have Good day too today!!! ♥

Source: Teen Top’s Me2Day
Translation by: 6tot_tweet2day