Join the Staff Team!

Apply and join the team today! We are currently hiring the following positions:

Writers ▬ You will be writing the article of which the Translator will be translating for you. You are required to have proper English Grammar. Experience isn’t necessary but could be a bonus on your application.
When applying: Please submit a piece of writing on why you want to be a part of the team and what you would help bring to the site. Minimum of 65 words.
Translators ▬ You will be translating the article of which the Writers will be writing. Small grammatical mistakes are okay but you are required to be fluent in the language you apply for, as well as English. We are currently hiring KoreanChinese, and Japanese translators.
→ When applying: Please submit a translation of an article (along with its url source). Preferably an article of at least 50 words.
SubbersApply here!
Graphic Designers ▬ You will be making designs for projects and the site. Experience is highly recommended, but not required. We do not accept those who uses Paint as their designing software. Adobe Photoshop is highly recommended.
When applying: Please submit 5-6 examples of various works you’ve done. Please make sure to include a sample of a 250×400 (px) banner and a header of 800×250 (px).
Please note that when applying, we will not be paying you and you are only volunteering to work for the team.
► We will reply to your email if you are accepted. It will take time for us to decide on your position, so please wait a week or 2. If we don’t reply within those weeks, mention us on twitter or email us again.
► If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we will reply to you asap.


8 thoughts on “Join the Staff Team!

  1. Ashley

    Hi. As I was reading this, i had a question about the “experiance” part. If I want to sign up to be the translator, can it be that I live in both the U.S. and Korea?

    1. jonghwans Post author

      There’s no minimum age for applying to be any of the staff positions, however, we will require a lot of your time to help us.

  2. Aloh

    Exactly how much time is required for being a writer?
    I’m sort of busy applying to colleges and taking a ton of APs right now, but I’d love to help!
    Would this be too big of a commitment for me to handle at the moment? xD


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