List of 6TOTsubs accounts:


20 thoughts on “6TOTsubs

  1. milk_tea

    if you don’t mind, please add vimeo too for your streaming video πŸ™‚ pretty please

  2. Crystallxe

    Hi, I have checked the official youtube website. It seems like there is no episode 3 for ‘Making the Artist’ Season 1. Have you guys subbed it or you guys cannot find the video?

  3. ʏєѳńяї β™ͺβ—¦

    hi can you subs Exploration of Genders Full & all Eps ?! > they are just 7 right ?
    i can’t subs for arabic without eng >< i f you can help me or know someone can help plz tell me ^^ and thinks ^_^ and raelly i love your subs

  4. bmblb_jx

    Please sub Season 1 Episode 3 of Teen Top’s Making The Artist! ><
    Thanks for all your hard work so far^^

  5. Jer

    Is there a way you could sub Teen Top & 100% Brothers’ outing.Sorry if i sound pushy,i in no way wanna pressure you guys,it’s just that i love your subs XD

  6. chiyo

    kon kon~ ^_^
    can you sub exploration of genders? i really wanna watch it because of chunji >w<

    thank you ^.^

  7. kpop.jjang

    Hi. πŸ™‚ can you please re-upload chunji hidden track romance.. I cant watch it for some reason.. i think its because its blocked or something.. If you can re-upload it.. I would appreciate. Thank you! you are the best teen top english subbing group! >_<!!! HWAITING!

  8. hakim

    sorry..but i can reach the video [6TOTSubs] 121026 Teen Top & 100% Rising Brothers Episode 1 on dailymotion..can you please help me…??

  9. Joserlis

    hi, i was blocked in chunji hidden track romance youtube, please re-upload it again? πŸ™‚


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